"I love this DI!"

Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood,
Luke Bryan

Jimmie Lee Sloas

"I’ve toured the country and world with my Larivee OM-09 acoustic guitar. I never knew how good it could sound until I picked up my Magic DI. It’s a complete game changer."

Executive Director for Beer & Hymns Inc.
Director of Worship Arts First UMC
Downtown Bentonville

Ken Weatherford

"I've used my Fatboy DI for 5 years now. This DI has been through it all. It's still my go to sound. I couldn't imagine using anything else."

Kane Brown

Zach Hall

"They gave me CPR! Nothing life-changing, they just sound better, period."

MercyMe, Point of Grace, Fred Hammond, Nick Joans, Amy Grant, John Elfante

Jeff Baggett

"I've been using the MagicPre 2100 forsome time now and it always captures the absolute sound. Vocals are just stunning through it. Running my bass through the Fatboy has given me the best bass sound I've ever done! Amazing products!"

John Schneider, Carman, Ronnie Milsap

Larry Hall

"Clear tube punch, open harmonics without being slow. Great box!"

Reba, Keith Urban, Charlie Peacock, Brooks and Dunn, Kelly Clarkson

Mark Hill

"Compared to the Magic Pre 4100, my other high end preamps sound like paper!"

Keith & Kristyn Getty, Salvadon, Jaci Velasquez, Mandisa

Garth Justice

"In a world that focuses on bells, whistles and marketing hype Teegarden Audio gear does a fantastic job of just making stuff easier and better. The Fatboy Tube DI is hands-down the best I've ever used. It's equal parts full bodied and detailed. The Magic DI is the perfect complement to any acoustic instrument in a live setting."

Brandon Stansell, Crystal Lewis, Maggie Szabo, Alexa Cappeli, Juneau Lake

Aaron Aiken

"When I play live, sound engineers are always glad to see the Fatboy Tube DI. In the studio, it just adds more tube "goodness" to my vintage rig."

Peter Cetera, Amy Grant, Toby Keith, Montgomery Gentry

Gary Lunn

" The Teegarden Audio Magic Pre has become one of my "go to" pieces for recording my percussion and drums. I use it on practically every project I work on."

Bob Seger, Carrie Underwood, James Bay, Darius Rucker, Jimmy Buffett

Eric Darken

"I own a Fatboy Tube DI, several Magic DIs and 2 MagicPre 4100s. They are always on the top of my list on every session, for every purpose."

Adamsound, Dallas, TX

Randy Adams

"The Fatboy Tube DI& Magic DI are the best! No matter if I'm on a church gig, recording sessions or live gig they are all I use! All engineers & front of house guys love them!"

Dayz To Come, Studio Musician

Keith Axelson

"The Fatboy DI had me slack-jawed on first hearing. The Magic DI is just that - magic. An acoustic guitar sounds like an acoustic instead of the ‘other’ sound we’ve grown used to. The Magic Pre is an amazing piece of gear for passing on exactly what the microphone is putting out."

Emmy Award  winning mixer/composer for CNN, NBC, CBS, USA, ESPN and Cartoon Network

Randy Garmon

"The very first session I used a Fatboy Tube DI, engineer says, 'wow, it sounds like I am inside your bass'...so, I bought two!"

Tony Joe White, Lee Ann Womack, The Wooten Brothers

Steve Forrest

"I've played through a lot of DIs in my career but I wouldn't have if the Fatboy Tube DI was available to me from the beginning. It is THE best! And it is the best blend of old school and new school."

Carrie Underwood

Mark Childers

"I use my Magic Pre for guitar cabinets, acoustic guitars and similar instruments. It just sounds good, like it's not trying to be anything but transparent."

Joe English, Carter and Barney Robertson, Crook and Chase

Paul Brannon

"The Fatboy Tube DI has been unbelievable! I've been using it on sessions and it's like I have new basses. That DI has improved my sound in so many ways. Thanks again!"

The Farwell Drifters

Dean Marold

"I have a fairly large variety of microphones at my studio and the Teegarden Audio is one of the most used mics that Watershed has to offer. Used not only on vocals but on various acoustic instruments!"

Watershed Recording Studio, Nashville TN

Mark Burchfield

"The Fatboy is the best DI - hands-down, that i have used. I especially like the way it responds equally well for active and passive instruments. The best way I can describe the Fatboy is that it's very comfortable."

Producer & Session bassist, Dallas TX

Pete Miller

"In 25 years of working in audio, I’ve used a lot of Direct Boxes; some good, some bad, and some really bad ones. Once I used a  Fatboy Tube DI and MagicDI a new standard was set. I personally own them and use them on inputs as frequently as possible."

Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson, Mandisa, Crowder

Harold Rubens

"The Fatboy Tube DI makes a passive bass sound 200% better! It gives all the booty you need – with character. I hardly use an EQ with it. By far the best bass DI I've ever used.

Stevie Winwood, India Arie, Israel, Mercy Me

Paul 'Salvo' Salveson

"Your Magic DI is our go to box for Bass!"

Bob Seger, Teegarden & VanWinkle, J.J. Cale
Teegarden Sudios, Tulsa, OK

David M. Teegarden

"Since switching to my Fatboy Tube DIs, I won't use anything else on the road or in the studio. They are exactly what they say they are, warm  and FAT. "

Rascal Flatts

Jay DeMarcus

"With all the gear out there, I would choose a Fatboy Tube DI over any other for live and studio sound - and not just because I am a Teegarden!"

A/V Production Manager, Bright Event Production, Nashville, TN

Seth Teegarden

"My Fatboy Tube DI is straight and to
the point. The right amount of unique
mojo. Never gets in the way of my
instrument's tone."

Trace Adkins, Chris Carmack, Bo Bice,
Jamie O'Neal

Luis Espaillat

"The Fatboy Tube DI is so warm and rich with delicious upper frequencies. Perfectly balanced audio spectrum. No doubt, the best DI I've ever used."

Al Jarreau, Manhattan Transfer, Steely Dan, JaR

Jay Graydon

"I am absolutely in love with the Fatboy Tube DI. I have used it on every single session I have done since the day I bought it. It has the tone all of us are searching for. It's fat and wide with a little bite if you hammer down on it. An ABSOLUTE must for any tone seeker."

Oak Ridge Boys, Travis Tritt, Pam Tillis, Tanya Tucker

Scotty Simpson

"There's something about the feeling an engineer get when the gear is just..."right". I use the Magic Pre daily. Everything I send through it sounds exactly as I intended. I recently added a Teegarden Tube Mic and clients are blown away."

The Steel's, Canaan;s Crossing, Living Faith
Owner of 3rd Ave. Sound, Arab, AL

Tommy Swindle

"My Fatboy Tube DI makes all my instruments sound better, whether I'm playing them in the studio, concert hall, or my home studio. Do yourself and your listeners a favor and get one!"

Donna Summer, Christopher Cross, Amy Grant, David Phelps

Danny O'Lannerghty

"The Fatboy Tube DI should be the new industry standard by which all other tube DIs are graded."

New Song

Mark Clay

"Wow! What a difference maker, even live and in in-ears. Engineers and Producers now insist on my P-Bass and Fatboy Tube DI combination.""

Dylan Scott, Jordan Minton, Matt Alderman

Garrett Cline

"A good tone always begins with a good source. Last year I jumped on the Fatboy Tube DI train and I'm loving the ride! It's fantastic in the studio and amazing on the road as well. Our FOH with Terri Clark raves about it at our live shows."

Terri Clark

Clay Krasner

"The best DI I have ever used period. I use it on Bass, Electric and Acoustic guitars."

Con Hunley/Session Musician

Greg English

" I've used a lot of pro-line DI's live, on the road and in the studio and without exception my Fatboy is simply THE BEST. Tone, Clarity & Punch. Thank you for building one of the best pieces of gear I've ever owned."

Trishia Yearwood, Larry Carlton, Pam Tillis, Lee Ann Womack

Randy Smith