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  • Where can I buy Teegarden Audio products?
    You may purchase Teegarden Audio products from any of our trusted Dealer/Integrator Partners listed on our Home Page or directly from our online store. Just select the products you are interested in from our main menu.
  • How can I REAMP with the Mono Magic Active DI?
    Simple but not necessarily straightforward: 1. You can REAMP with eh Magic Active DI by connecting an Instrument or Line Level source using the Combo 1/4"/XLR input connector on the front. 2. You must engage the -20dB Pad switch 3. Your output to an amplifier or EFX loop MUST come from the Active Buffered Thru output. 4. The box must still be simultaneously Phantom powered with 48V from a microphone preamp, console channel or external 48V Phantom Power Supply. The balanced output signal will be available here as well but be careful not to create audio feedback loops or you might destroy your monitor speakers!
  • What is the best way to hook up and operate my Fatboy Tube DI?
    To hook up your Fatboy Tube DI follow these ordered steps: 1. Connect the power connector to the back of the unit 2. Plug the power supply or power cord of the HD Power Supply to a AC Wall Outlet 3. Connect an XLR cable from the Line Output of the Fatboy directly to your converters (recording) or to a mixing console (live).* 4. If possible, let the unit (tube) warm up for 20 minutes to an hour before playing 5. Connect a 1/4" cable to your instrument first then to the "Push" input on the front of the Fatboy. 6. *Set the "Beef" (Attenuation) knob to around the 75% or 3 O'clock range. When connected directly to digital converters an XLR to 1/4" TRS (balanced) cable adaptor may be needed. Instruments with passive pickups can probably be used with the Beef gain set all the way up or fully clockwise. Back the level off as needed for instruments with active electronics. This should give you a fairly precise and optimum recording level to your recording system. Bear in mind, the Fatboy is actually a 26dB preamp and needs no further mic or line preamps for optimal operation and sound. 7. For live sound applications, we recommend starting with the Line Output and working with your FOH sound engineer to get an appropriate level with the Beef (gain) setting as previously recommended. They may need to turn their gain settings all the way down our use a -20dB pad if there are no Line Level Inputs available on the sound console. Adhering to this recommendation will give you the optimum signal to noise and tone performance from the Fatboy Tube DI. If all else fails to give the desired result, the Mic Level output is available and will send a traditional DI level to the house mixer.
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