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Own a piece of record-making history!


For thirty-five years, Schnee Studio was recognized as one of the best recording studios in Los Angeles.


In addition to recording dozens of gold and platinum records, the studio was also home to multiple Grammy Award Winning and nominated albums, including several in the Best Engineered Category.


Bill Schnee, the legendary engineer who designed and built the studio, started his career learning on Three Dog Night, but went on to make history by recording all four Beatles by age 26, the Sheffield Labs Direct-to-Disc projects, Steely Dan's AjaWhitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, and many, many more. This culminated in him ultimately receiving 135 gold and platinum records. In his constant pursuit of great-sounding recordings, he has been personally nominated 11 times for the Best Engineered Grammy. That same desire had him focus his utmost attention to detail when designing the electronics of the console that would define his studio's sound.  


Now the pure sound of the Schnee console lives on in a pair of the original modules beautifully packaged, recapped, ready to record, and offered for sale by Teegarden Audio. Bill's belief was -and still is -  that in analog electronics less is more, so the modules were designed with only two amplifiers in to out. For higher gain requirements, an extra amplifier is added in, a la Neve 1073s. However, unlike Neves, the console was single-ended. As a result, there are no transformers in the modules other than the mic preamp. This, combined with minimal electronics of the highest order made for the ultra-clean, uncolored, and transparent sound for which Schnee Studio was known.


One-of-a-kind console!

Only 18 Pair Available!

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