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See below for definition of terms and instructions. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to emal us
or phone (615) 454-3981.



1 – PUSH

otherwise known as the input. The Fatboy Tube DI is designed to accept instrument level signals but is capable of working with higher input levels. When using with Keyboard or computer interface/converter outputs, care should be taken not to overload the input.


2 – THRU

The THRU 1/4" jack is for sending the signal of your instrument on to another amplifier or monitor system and is not affected by the Fatboy Tube DI signal or tone.


3 – BEEF

This is the volume or gain knob. Care should be taken to set this control between 70-90% of the total travel, between 2 or 3 o’clock. This gives you the best signal to noise performance from the unit. The Fatboy Tube DI was designed to drive a signal directly into digital audio convertors or DAW interfaces. Care should be taken when using the Fatboy Tube DI in a live sound reinforcement setting to correctly match the gain at the front of house mixer. A separate mic level balanced output is available if a line level input is not available for accepting the Fatboy Tube DI output.

TA FatBoy DI


4 – PULL

otherwise known as the output. This is a transformer balanced output. Both Line Level and Mic Level outputs are available for ease of interfacing properly to recording systems and live sound reinforcement. Please see the BEEF section above for information on gain settings.


5 – LIFT

A pin 1 lift on each balanced output connector allows you to circumvent many grounding and hum issues (ground loops) that you may encounter when using the Fatboy Tube DI. This is accomplished by disconnecting the shield of the output connector that is normally tied to the case or common ground of the enclosure. This does not always remedy noises that may be induced by other equipment.


6 – FOOD

Every strong body needs good food for power and the Fatboy Tube DI is no different. Power is supplied by a 24v AC to AC adapter and must not be mistaken for a DC power supply. You can not use the Fatboy Tube DI food source with any other piece of gear.

TA FatBoy DI
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