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See below for definition of terms and instructions.

MAGIC PRE 4100/2100/1100 MANUAL


1 – GAIN

This knob continuously adjusts the input gain from aproximately -60dB to 0dB of signal attenuation.


2 – 20dB Pad

Reduces the input sensitivity by 20dB. Use this setting on sources with high transient peaks or very loud sound pressure levels such as drums or guitar amps. -20 dB gain reduction is applied to the mic input when the switch is in the UP position.


3 – +48v

This switch engages Phantom Power (+48v) for condenser type microphones. Phantom Poweris applied to the mic input when the switch is in the UP position.


4 – VU Meter

The high quality Sifam VU Meter provides excellent RMS level indication and is factory set to register +4dbu (1.228v) at zero scale. There is a small hole next to the meter toward the bottom left that provides access to the meter calibration adjustment. This can be set with a small flat blade screwdriver for different operating levels. We recommend an Xcelite R-181 (red handle) pocket clip style screwdriver. Be careful not to push the screwdriver in past the the trimmer pot which is approximately 1/16" recessed behind the front panel as you could damage other electronics when the power is on.



4 – MIC IN

The Mic In is where you connect the male XLR connector from a microphone. Care should be taken with line level inputs for proper gain staging. The -20dB pad can be used to accept many line level sources if and when needed. The mic in connections correspond with the front order of input channels (on the 2100, Mic In 1 and Mic In 2 are the only active connectors). 



Connect this XLR output to a line level input of another device such as an equalizer or compressor or directly into the line inputs of Digital Audio Converters. Care should be taken not to connect the output of the Magic Micro Pre to another microphone level input on a console or other similar device or you risk high levels of distortion and poor audio quality.


 Power to the Magic Pre is supplied by a standard IEC power cable and will accept power line voltages from 100-240v and the On/Off Power Switch is located to the left of the Power Input Connector.

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