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Our Story

At Teegarden Audio, we are family, literally. We consider our customers as family too! We believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. It's really that simple. Everything we make is given the attention and care it deserves. That's what our customers deserve. 

Teegarden Audio Staff
Teegarden Audio Founder

Our Founder

From Musician/Composer to Recording Engineer/Producer to Pro Audio Equipment Manufacturer, the 40+ year career of Teegarden Audio, LLC founder Bret Teegarden has been filled with relationships with some of the finest people on the planet. Working relationships with fellow musicians, artists, audio engineers, producers, and electronic designers/ manufacturers, are what helped fuel the beginning and success of Teegarden Audio. Every industry achievement has culminated in the mission of Teegarden Audio. 

That path was filled with extraordinary experiences on stage and in studios. Teegarden Audio is set apart by that experience –– backed by a desire to pursue the highest standard in pro audio and to share things learned along the way in the form of audio gear that becomes career-changing for users.

Our Mentors

Very few worthwhile ventures are formed alone. Teegarden Audio owes so much to two individuals who were kind enough to share their experience, wisdom, and advice early on in our formation. James (J.B.) Bock and Bud Wyatt are legendary electronic engineers and technicians who spent a lifetime helping bring some of the most outstanding recordings in history into existence.

Through their work with Sheffield Labs, The Mastering Lab, Producers Workshop Studio, and Martinsound Martech, a new level of sonic excellence was bestowed on the recording industry. They were some of the men behind the gear used by countless award-winning engineers and heard on a multitude of hit recordings. Thank you, Bud and J.B., for your contributions to Teegarden Audio!

Bud Wyatt Profile

Bud Wyatt, Big Bear, CA

Our Staff

Bret Teegarden

Bret Teegarden

CEO & Chief Engineer

Seth Teegarden

Seth Teegarden

Manager - Teegarden Sound

Kelsey Teegarden

Kelsey Teegarden

Technician & Parts Manager

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