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B-Stock units typically have cosmetic defects only,  such as dents, scratches, painting errors, and misprints. They do not affect the sound quality and usability of the product. B-stock purchases come with a full Teegarden Audio 2-year limited warranty. 

B-Stock - Fatboy Tube DI

SKU: TADI20131010
$895.00 Regular Price
$745.00Sale Price
Out of Stock

    • Vacuum Tube (Valve) based Direct Injection Box (DI)

    • Discrete electronics

    • Compact & Rugged

    • Hand Built in the USA

    • Transformer Balanced LoZ XLR Outputs (Line Level and Mic Level)

    • Pin 1 Ground Lifts

    • Will drive line level direct to converters and DAWs, no mic preamp needed

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