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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

My first several Note From the Founder emails focused on my stories. I may have more stories to share in the future, but I want to take time to tell some stories of individuals who I have had the pleasure of working with in my 45-year career. These relationships have molded me, sustained me, and often challenged me. I want to tell their stories because they inspire me and hopefully will inspire you. Each note will feature stories of inspiration, innovation, and grit.

BRIAN FULLEN I am starting with Nashville session drummer Brian Fullen for no particular reason other than we have had some recent interactions. I have a special place in my heart for drummers. I have worked with so many as a bass player, engineer, and producer over the years. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite because they all bring their unique gifts to a session and to a friendship. Brian’s drive for excellence speaks to me and challenges me to stay true to my own journey.

Brian hails from a musical family in Columbus, Ohio where he started playing professionally at a very young age. He is actually a multi-instrumentalist, but found the drums to be the instrument he gravitated to the most. His father’s career in television and radio also piqued his interest in technology and the recording arts. He has a long list of credits, but suffice it to say, he is a “who’s who” among the top drummers in the world. After he finished his education, Brian moved to Nashville in 1989 to join the CCM group The Imperials. Later he was asked to join the band Allies and subsequently traveled with the Bob Carlisle “Butterfly Kisses” Tour. By the late 90’s his session career began taking off so he decided to stay closer to home.

Like many other professional studio engineers and musicians, Brian began recording tracks for others at home in the late 90s. While he loved the interaction of being in big studios with other players, the way people started working in the late 90s pretty much-necessitated recording yourself at home. Starting out small in 1999, he dreamed of someday having a larger studio where he could track his drums along with other musicians. In 2018, he started the wheels in motion for that larger studio space by teaming up with consultant Jason Spence (JSS) and studio designer Kevin Hughes (Design Technik).

Brian states, “I signed the deal with JSS [and Design Technik] in June of 2018. I then recruited my buddy Jerry Parsons, an accomplished musician, and master craftsman, to help me start the demolition and construction of my new 1100 sqft studio, Rhythm & Soul Recording. Jerry and I built every square inch, only hiring for specific things. We took our time and were laser-focused on detail and excellence, while Kevin and Jason consulted, guided, and encouraged us throughout the incredible, rigorous journey.

I think the level of Brian’s talent shows in the beautiful space he has created for the pursuit of excellence in his craft.

Even though Brian and I had only worked on a few sessions back in the 90s, we still crossed paths ever so often. However, as was inevitable with the migration to solo home-based recording and mixing, we didn’t actually see each other much from 1999 to 2020. Fast forward to today where Brian has become part of the Teegarden Audio family by choosing to record with our preamps and microphones. It was no “follow the leader” type decision for him. Much time was spent testing, listening, and comparing our gear to many other well-respected products. Brian brought the same attention to detail to this process that he had given to the design upgrade to his studio. We are grateful he chose to add us to his mix of top-level recording equipment for his studio upgrade.

Brian is endorsed by several major drum equipment companies. For a pro, endorsements are rather easy to come by. However, to have a company invite a player to design their own signature product is a big deal. Innovative Percussion invited Brian in to design his ultimate drumstick with their design team. He approached the process with every bit the same attention to detail that he approaches his drum parts and the sounds he records. Always striving for excellence. Brian tells us his goal was, “getting the bead/tip of the stick to sound just right on the ride cymbal for a full-bodied, woody, articulate sound. Even the shape of the back end of the stick made a difference in the sound. Every cymbal I own has a character that I want to capture when recording.”

He goes on to state that by using Teegarden Audio Magic Pre 4100 preamps and PPC-125 MD Condenser microphones, “the clarity and presence of the extended high end is outstanding and allows me to naturally and clearly hear the full tonal character of my cymbals, without the harshness. Plus, the stick articulation is well defined and survives the drum mix. Finally, this is the sound that I’ve been searching for!”

Thank you Brian for being such a great example of determination, creativity, patience, and integrity. We are so excited for your new recording space and for including us as a part of your work process. We expect to hear many great musical creations spring forth from your walls! You can check out Brian’s contact information, partial discography, and career accomplishments below.

See you around the shop!

Rhythm and Soul Recording

“Rhythm & Soul Recording is an artist focused project studio in a comfortable, vibey space, designed for creativity. Your Music, Your Artistry.”

Brian Fullen - Drummer/Owner/Producer

@brianfullendrums (Instagram/Facebook)

@rhythmandsoulrecording (Instagram/Facebook)


Brief Selected Discography

Jenny Tolman - Married In A Honky Tonk, Old Sol Records

Desert City Ramblers, Crane Kick Records

Allies -Man With A Mission, Word Records

Bob Carlisle-Stories From The Heart, Benson Records

Little River Band - The Hits Revisited/Big Box

Multi-Artist -Thank You, Mr. Rogers: Music & Memories

Kaylens Rain - In Our Blood, Independent (Australia)

Christie Lamb - Loaded, ABC Country (Australia)

Bill LaBounty - Back To Your Star, Chill Pill Records

Joey Feek -If Not For You, Gaither Music Group

Ebony and Irony - Tracy Nelson, Eclectic Records

Father Figures feature film, Alcon Entertainment

My Little Pony the Movie feature film, Hasbro Studios, DHX Media

Mafia III action-adventure video game, Hangar 13

Jim Brickman, Soundtrack, Yesterday Once More, A Musical Tribute to The Carpenters

Homeland, Showtime Network

Player A Jazz - Our Own Devices, Sand Dollar In My Suitcase, Creative Soul Records

McGuffey Lane -10, Lick Records

Jim Brickman - Disney Songbook, Walt Disney Records

Jack Frost feature film, Warner Bros.

Author/ Educator:

Professor of Commercial Drumset at Trevecca Nazarene University Artist/Clinician - Yamaha drums

Alfred Publishing and Hal Leonard publishing - author of three drumset instructional books


Allies, Bob Carlisle, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Shania Twain, Jenny Tolman, The Imperials, Peter Frampton, Jessica Andrews, Terri Clark, SheDaisy, Sierra

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