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Magic Pre  Audio Samples

We recently tracked a whole rhythm section using nothing but Teegarden Audio Magic Pres and numerous PPC-125 Mics. No EQ or compression was used, just mics to Magic Pres straight to Protools Converters. These files represent a 40-second segment of a single song. They can all be downloaded and placed in your favorite DAW to audition them in your studio space. PPC-125 Mics were used on Drum Overheads, Hi-Hat, Room, Acoustic Guitars, and Percussion. Bass was recorded through a Fatboy Tube DI (Direct to Converters) and Keys were recorded through 2 Magic DIs. Imagine if you could start every session like this just by placing mics and turning up preamps before working your own magic on YOUR sound!

Produced by: Dennis Dearing
Recorded by: Bret Teegarden
Recorded at: Watershed Recording Studio
Drums & Percussion: Scott Williamson
Bass: Mark Burchfield
Keys: Blair Masters
Acoustic Guitars: Dave Cleveland
Electric Guitars: Kelly Back

Magic Pre

Microphone Preamps are the hammers of the recording process. We set out to build the best hammer we could build. This is not a cheap copy of the preamp de jour or a clone. It does have roots in vintage design practices and proven building techniques; featuring quality parts that have undergone extensive R&D listening tests.

The Magic Pre 4100 is a four-channel discrete Class A Mic Preamp that accurately captures the true essence and quality of fine instruments and voices. The biggest feature is there is not a bunch of unneeded fluff and features to take its toll on the sound. Nothing gets in the way of your sound! Pure and simple, the Magic Pre 4100.

You won't find an all-discrete mic pre at this price and with this sound anywhere else on the market.


  • All Discrete Class A Classic Design

  • High-Quality Sifam VU Meters

  • +48v Phantom Power

  • -20 dB Pad 

  • Hand Built in the USA

  • Only the highest quality electronic parts vetted by years
    of triple blind R&D listening tests


  • Frequency Response
    20Hz - 20KHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
    5Hz – 50kHz (+/- 1 dB)

  • Input Impedance 2500 ohms

  • Output Impedance less than 150 ohms

  • Gain: 55dB

  • Maximum Output +26 dBu

  • Noise (EIN):  -126dB

  • THD+N: <.0.015% 1KHz 1V

  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC

  • Dimensions (19 x 1.75 x 9) 

    *Due to possible improvements, upgrades, or availability of components, all specifications are subject to change.

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