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FatBoy Tube DI  Audio Samples

All audio examples were recorded with no EQ or Compression

FatBoy Tube DI

In a few short years, the Fatboy Tube DI has become the vacuum tube based direct injection device by which all others are measured. The first product initially produced by Teegarden Audio, the Fatboy Tube DI quickly caught on with the Nashville recording community and now can be heard on countless chart topping hits from artists in Country, Rock, Folk, Pop, and CCM. Simplicity of design and use as well as sonic superiority makes the Fatboy Tube DI the DI of choice for discerning players, engineers and producers.



  • Vacuum Tube (Valve) based Direct Injection Box (DI)

  • Discrete electronics

  • Compact & Rugged

  • Hand Built in the USA

  • Transformer Balanced LoZ XLR Outputs (Line Level and Mic Level)

  • Pin 1 Ground Lifts

  • Will drive line level direct to converters and DAWs, no mic preamp needed