"We didn't approach electronic design from the textbook alone or from what had been done in years past, we approached design first with our ears."


To provide audio recording tools that most accurately capture the essence and quality of fine instruments and voices with a commitment to classic audio principles and the highest design standards.



A veteran recording engineer/producer who has dedicated his life to the presentation of quality music and audio production. Bret Teegarden began his career in 1979 playing bass as a session musician in the Tulsa, OK area. In 1983, after several years playing on syndicated television programs, independent records, jingles, corporate films, and touring, he turned his endeavors to the craft of recording engineering and production through managing and owning various commercial recording studios. This period also involved composing, producing, and recording music for film and television.


Moving to Nashville in 1988, a new chapter as a producer and engineer began, which would include recording and mixing numerous Dove and Grammy Award-winning recording projects for over 30 years.


In 2014, after several years studying with legendary electronic engineer friends and mentors, Bret set out on the task of designing, manufacturing, and marketing pro audio equipment under the brand name Teegarden Audio. He is extremely grateful to his mentors for their continued selfless sharing of sound design principles.