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Pro Audio Equipment
Hand Built for the Pursuit of Excellence

Teegarden Audio Magic Pre 4100 Microphone Pramplifier
Teegarden Audio is a family-owned and operated small business in the Nashville, Tennessee area. We make original high-end pro audio electronic devices. All our products, such as  microphone preamps, tube direct boxes, active direct boxes, condenser mics, boundary stage mics, or cables, are designed, hand-built, tested and supported by us, right here in our home-based studio and workshop. We care about the details. In our world, everything matters.


We source all our metal work right here in the USA to maintain the highest quality possible. We also use thicker gauges of steel, brass, and aluminum to give strength and longevity to our products. Precision machining, superior plating, and high-quality powder coatings help set us apart. We also source all our cases and packaging materials domestically as well as many electronic components as possible. 
Teegarden Audio PPC-125 Microphones

Introducing the PAC-116
Boundary Microphone


Highest Quality Components

Most high-end audio equipment manufacturers use high-quality components, but, have their components also gone through multiple double-blind listening tests by some of the "golden ears" of our industry? A critical portion of ours have! It's one thing to source expensive components yet quite another to make sure they actually sound better. Many critical components such as capacitors and transformers are manufactured in the U.S.A.!
Teegarden Audio Fatboy Tube DI
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