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Take advantage of $385 in savings from buying these items separately.  We have tested and currently use this studio reference monitor setup in our studio. If you don't need everything in this bundle, please contact us for a quote on a scaled-down version.


Teegarden Audio Ratio Reference monitor speakers are made from solid West African Padauk. These passive 4" monitors are the ultimate in clarity and imaging. Clarity through simplicity is what sets these speakers apart. Featuring a full range (55-20,000Hz) 4" bamboo paper driver and Neodymium magnet, this driver has a very low 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion. Coupled with our mathematically designed cabinet, these speakers require no DSP processing, EQ, or other artificial enhancements to achieve their performance. We recommend pairing them with a 100-150W per channel linear power amp and an independent 8" Powered Subwoofer that is low pass filtered between 60-120 Hz (environment dependent).

Along with the Ratio Reference Monitors, we have included the following:

The Yamaha HS8S Self-powered Subwoofer, a $499 value, is a key component of this package. Its powerful sound and unique features make it an essential addition to your studio setup. While the low pass filter does not go down as far as we would like, its 80-120 range is perfectly acceptable and will work in most applications. Extending the usable frequency range of the Ratios down to 30Hz, the HS8S also allows you to pass the program signal through to the Ratio power amp without crossover coloration and distortion if you desire to use them without a controller that provides subwoofer control. 

The Crown XLi 800 Linear Power Amplifier, a $349 value, was selected for its cost-to-quality advantage. It is rated at 300W per channel, which may seem high for a 4" driver. That rating is for a 4-ohm load, and the Ratio monitors are 8 ohms.  In our 40+ years of experience, we recommend overpowering speakers by two times their rated power handling spec -  and being careful. Underpowering speakers (or powering them at their rated wattage) can be even more harmful than overpowering them and may cause the voice coils to overheat. At the same time, the apparent loudness does not increase. We have found this Crown Amp to be a suitable and reliable match for the Ratio monitors.

The Presonus Monitor Station 2, a $350 value, is an affordable and feature-packed monitor controller that will give you more control over your subwoofer. You can turn the Sub off if you would like to check mixes without the benefit of the increased low frequencies a subwoofer provides. This requires hooking up your subwoofer and amp to the Ratios separately. 

(2) 15' TA 12 AWG Tour Level Speaker Cables, a $138 value, are matched to the Crown Amp and Ratio monitors to provide the best and most reliable power transfer.

(2) On Stage MSA6000 Spk Platform Pads, a $27.90 value, are metal plates that mount to a standard mic stand. We like to mount them to tripod-styled mic stands for more stability. We like K&M stands because they are sturdy, but any good tripod stand will do. 

RATIO Reference Monitors ( Basic Bundle)

$3,660.00 Regular Price
$3,275.00Sale Price

    Enclosure Type: Sealed 

    Impedance: 8 Ohms 

    Recommended Power Handling: 100 to 150 watts per channel 

    Frequency Range: 55Hz - 20KHz 

    Driver: 4-inch full-range paper cone (Bamboo Fiber)

    Input Type: 2-Pole SpeakOn Connector. 

    HF Dispersion: Aluminum Phase Plug 

    Height: 9.75” 

    Width: 6.5”

    Depth: 15"

    Weight: 14.5 lbs (ea.)



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