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Medium Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone


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All audio examples were recorded with no additional processing through Teegarden Audio Magic Pres with the exception of the McPherson Acoustic which was recorded through Amek 9098 Channel Strips (no EQ)

Drum Overheads @ The Castle Studio
McPherson Acoustic
6 String Martin
12 String Acoustic (Capo)
12 String Acoustic (Lower)
Nylon String Acoustic (Finger Style)
Nylon String Acoustic (Strumming)
Piano - Yamaha C7
Hammond B3 (Leslie)

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The PPC-125 is a transformer-less electret condenser microphone designed for pro and semi-pro recording applications as well as sound reinforcement. The capsule is a 25mm unidirectional electret. The 25mm capsule was chosen for its warm tone similar to a large-diaphragm vocal microphone and its extended highs for the natural reproduction of acoustic instruments. The microphone is designed, built, and tested in Nashville TN. Each capsule is tested and selected for its sensitivity and uniform frequency response. The final microphone is tested as well against a calibrated laboratory standard instrumentation microphone to insure uniform response and sensitivity of each microphone. The electronic circuit is a proprietary topology developed by veteran mic designer Stephen Mills in association with Teegarden Audio, LLC, and is known as Pure Path Condenser (PPC). PPC technology provides the cleanest path from the capsule to the output without coloration. The housing design allows for a greater open area to the rear of the capsule compared to other microphones in this class. This allows for a uniform off-axis response which translates into a smooth sound and lower feedback due to sharp high-frequency peaks. The screen material in the housing has been tested and chosen for its shielding properties and transparency in the audio frequency range 20-20kHz. Teegarden Audio is committed to offering  high precision, high-quality professional microphones designed, tested, and built in the USA for a competitive price to the audio community.



  • All Discrete Design

  • Transformer-less Balanced

  • Tight production tolerances

  • Larger (in class) 25mm Diaphragm

  • Wide Smooth Frequency Response

  • Proprietary PPC (Pure Path Condenser™) Technology

  • Durable, Consistent, and Reliable

  • Hand Built and Tested in the USA


  • Type: 25mm Electret Cardioid Condenser

  • Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-2 dB)

  • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms

  • Open Circuit Sensitivity: 6mV/PA

  • Max SPL for 3% Distortion: 140 dB

  • Equivalent Noise Level: 16 dBa (A weighted)

  • Operating Voltage: 48v to 24v positive Vdc pins 2 & 3
    respective to pin1

  • Current Drain: less than 4mA